S. K. Smith Law LLC is an Ohio based firm with a nationwide network of attorneys that has serviced its clients with proven success for 20 years. We use our experience, skill, knowledge and creativity to strategically, efficiently, and effectively service our client's needs with hard work, integrity and professionalism.


Outside Corporate Counsel

S. K. Smith Law LLC offers General Counsel services to companies of all sizes. Our services allow companies to have access to reputable experienced attorneys on demand. We work with each company to structure legal services to fit its individual needs. Our attorneys are proactive, thorough, efficient, and effective in developing policies, identifying risk, and resolving complex legal issues.

Judge's Table

Commercial & Business Litigation

S. K. Smith Law LLC provides a network of highly experienced and talented trial and appellate attorneys for litigation matters in every industry.  We pride ourselves in helping our clients avoid the need for litigation through strategic contract negotiation and drafting.  We provide a full-range of legal services including: dispute resolution, arbitration, collections, trial advocacy and appeals.  

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Labor & Employment

S. K. Smith Law LLC provides strategic legal counsel on all employment matters involving federal and state regulations including: Title VII, Americans with Disabilities Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Fair Labor Standards. We defend our clients in administrative hearings with zeal. S. K. Smith Law LLC works with companies to avoid and resolve employee matters strategically, efficiency, and expeditiously.

Shimane (Skip) Smith

Founding Member

Shimane Smith has 20 years of experience working with companies in the diverse industries and representing individuals to Fortune 500 companies in business and litigation matters.  Shimane is proactive in identifying risk, resolving conflict, and strategically implementing resolutions, preventative processes, and procedures to avoid unnecessary litigation and lengthy administrative investigations and hearings.  Shimane is also a trained mediator and has extensive experience in drafting and negotiating complex licensing, technology, commercial, and business agreements for companies of all sizes. Shimane has successfully defended white-collar crime, employment, and civil litigation cases in state and federal courts.

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